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Updated: June 2012
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Section1: Linear Motion 线性传动

Products / Articles

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(A) Shaft Support Linear Guide 轴心支撑性直线滑轨 (Pg.8-68) 2.55 MB

Structures & Usage 结构与用途

895 KB

LGD - Shaft Support Linear Guide 轴心支撑性直线滑轨

1.0 MB

LMC-C/ LMG-C - Shaft Support Linear Guide 轴心支撑性直线滑轨

1.0 MB

LMC / LMG - Open Type Linear Block 开口型直线滑块

1.1 MB

SFB / SSFB / SCFB / SA - Tapped Case Hardened Shaft 外径攻牙硬化轴心

1.1 MB
(B) Linear Slide Unit 直线滑动装置 (Pg.26-68)
6.9 MB
Structures & Usage 结构与用途 1.1 MB
LM / LME/ LMB - Linear Bushing 直线套管 1.6 MB
LM...L - Long Type Linear Bushing 加长直线套管 725 KB
LMF / LMK - Flange Type Linear Bushing 法兰式直线套管 922 KB
LMF...L / LMK...L - Flange Long Type Linear Bushing 加长法兰式直线套管 944 KB
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