Precision Positioning Stages

Precision Positioning Stages

Positioning stages refer to devices that provide high precision movements in linear, rotary and incline direction up to a maximum of 6 degrees of freedoms by means of manual or motor driven devices. In most cases, the payloads carried by each stage are small like vision camera, sensors, fixtures and tooling.

Our precise positioning stages are categorized into either manual or motor driven stages.

CHUO Precision

Suruga Seiki

DPI Dasan Precision Instrument

Country of Origin : Japan
Country of Origin : Japan
Country of Origin : Korea
Manual stages Motorised stages
* X-axis Stage * Linear X-axis Stage
* XY-axis Stage * Linear XY-axis Stage
* Z-axis Stage * Linear Z-axis Stage
* Horizontal Z-axis Stage * Horizontal Z-axis Stage
* XZ-axis Stage * Linear XYZ-axis Stage
* XYZ-axis Stage * Rotary Stage
* High Resolution Stage * Goniometer Stage
* Rotary Stage * Ultra Micro-motion Stage
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